Harding Law Office
1217 S.W. Army Post Road
Des Moines, Iowa 50315

JILL DAVIS – Accounting

Jill Davis has worked at the Harding Law Office as a comptroller for over 14 years.  She lives on an acreage west of Des Moines.  Jill enjoys watching her daughters show horses and reading.


PEGGY DUPRÉ   – Assistant to John S. Harding

Peggy assists John Harding in estate work, wills, powers of attorney, work comp, real estate along with scheduling John’s appointments and other duties as necessary.  She also assists with some of the accounting work.

Peggy came to Harding Law Office after working many years for Roxanne Conlin.  She brings 35 years legal experience to the Harding Law Office.

Peggy lives in West Des Moines with her husband, Bob, and her cats. Peggy has 2 sons and 6 grandchildren.

“My kitties are named Sparky, Lucy and Molly,all having come to us through the ARL with us being foster parents and then adopting Molly and Lucy.  Sparky was a foster through ARL when Birdland Marina flooded and his owners could not take care of him while their home was being repaired.  After he was reunited with his owners his father died and then his mother’s health declined and she asked if we could keep Sparky permanently, which we did” .


MARY BOARDMAN – Assistant to Marc S. Harding

Mary came to Harding Law Office after working many years for Michael J. Galligan (now deceased).  She brings over 35 years legal experience to the Harding Law Office.

In her off hours, Mary is an award-winning author writing under four different pseudonyms.  She lives in Des Moines with her husband, Shelby, (wallpaper hanger) and her micro-mini teacup chihuahua, Mouse.  She has one son, Joe, (web designer/web host) who also lives in Des Moines.


RICH HARDING – General Assistant

Rich received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Drake University.  He has farmed for the past thirty years.   He has been with Harding Law Office for five years.

Rich lives on the south side of Des Moines with his wife, Adrian Woolley, D.O., three dogs (Corgis), and two cats.

In his spare time, Rich is a master brewer making his own wines and beers.


 JESSICA NOTHDORF – Legal Assistant

Jessica started at Harding Law Office in January 2013 as an intern. After graduating the Legal Assistant Program at DMACC with Honors in May 2013, she started employment with Harding Law Office.

Jessica is a former United States Marine, having served in the reserves. Jessica lives in Des Moines with her husband, Mike, their daughter, and a family dog named Hawkeye.

While Jessica is not working, she loves spending time with her family, watching her daughter grow, and scrapbooking.




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